Contractual House Keeping

SYS Facility is a well known Contract Cleaning Company from Dehradun. Any premise owner appoints individual cleaners to sparkle their space very often. It is recommended to hire a professional cleaning company rather using customary approaches towards your facility. SYS Facility provides contractual cleaning services and delivers the essential cleaning services as per the proposed contract which is signed with our patron. You can organize your cleaning plan and make a contract with us and we will evaluate your specifications before we allocate the cleaners accordance with your plan and will clean your surface with grace. We offer services like farm house management, spring cleaning, upholstery cleaning and make your washroom hygienic.

As a professional contractual cleaning service provider in Dehradun , we always provide distinct home cleaning services. As a contract cleaner we provide devoted & competent professionals who will take care of your custom specifics and unsoil your premises using a graceful fashion.

Green House Keeping

Efficient Business cleaning using Eco friendly chemicals and machinery.

Our state require greening initiatives, so we provide the cleansing with latest green machinery and chemical productsto ensure the most up-to-date and environmentally safe products are being applied. This process of using the Custom-Green program ensures minimal product waste and minimal environmental exposure by purchasing ready-to-use commodities or by using ‘closed’ dispensing systems.

Floor care concerns include:

  • Minimize the amount of water used
  • Minimize the amount of chemicals used
  • Use environmentally preferred products
  • Ensure adequate ventilation to speed drying
  • Prevent excessive moisture, mold, mildew and bacteria
  • Proper disposal of cleaning solutions
  • Frequent cleaning of entryways, inside and outside
  • Vacuuming with HEPA filter vacuums instead of sweeping
  • Micro-fiber mop systems

Trash can liners- are now available in a durable, 100% biodegradable formula.



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