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People habitually look one thing when they first enter into a premises is the floor. SYS Facility is one of the leading providers of floor crystallization and floor maintenance services Dehradun. We deliver you a vibrant, shiny floor to your home using our elegant floor scrubbing and floor polishing services. We provide you the craving deliverable using our proficiency, professionalism and customer friendly manner.

We convert your dull and old floor to fresh and striking look. Our skilled professional analyzes your floor and depending on this they employ apposite artifact, process that ensures a suitable result that you are looking for. Our graceful floor scrubbing, floor horning, granite scrubbing services eradicate the trace of dirt and dust from floor and gives it an astounding looks. We do apply this process in such a manner as if the floor will be gleaming like a crystal and make it robust so it can hold its polish.

Floor Scrubbing and Floor Polishing

Due to the rough usage of your floor for a long time, it could mislay its luster. Our pleasant floor polishing practice helps you to bring back its gleam. Our neat process will reinstate the PH balance of your proposed floor using a proficient grade wood cleaner which in turn confine all the enduring dust and residue.

Sometimes your floor looks dull and requires suitable scrubbing to get back its gleam. We employ the scrub machine along with coat of wax to buff the floor consequently. Using this superb process your floor will get back its shine, scuff marks will be removed.


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