Facade Cleaning

The motivation behind facade cleaning is to remove the damaging pollutant which could lead to facade deterioration. Facade of any building makes first impression. Facade are affected with rain, sunlight and dust. So in order to maintain the gleaming outdoor and longevity of the building you need to clean up your facade.

SYS FACILITY undertakes the facade cleaning services in order to maintain your facade and maintain your property value. Our facade cleaning staff are trained enough to deliver you the elegant cleaning solution of your facade and we use appropriate chemical which ensures better quality services. We can handle any type of facade which is made of glass, plastic and stone.

As time progresses your facade can loose its shine due to environmental condition, our exquisite chemical can restore the shine of your facade without changing the glass and that is more cost effective compare to changing the glass. Our proposed trained staff are expert to handle the required equipment to cleanup the facade that includes scaffolding, spider-man technique (hanging rope), cradle, platforms etc. We also secure the health and safety of the facade cleaners before commencing any cleaning service by using health and safety regulations.

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